The Panther brand was established in 1990, inspired by persistent stories of  Big Cat sightings near the Grampians and generally across Southern Victoria, Australia. The description of the Panther as being:  Black, sleek, powerful and can see in the dark equally applies to our lighting and power products and both convey the concept of movement, power and light.


It is in this environment that the Panther products have been developed to provide portable lighting and portable power products for people on the move, that is away from 240 volt mains power. Many of the products are battery powered or rechargeable and therefore highly portable to carry in the hand, pocket, attached to the body in some way, or easily carried in the vehicle. Some of the products are even energy free, be it solar, dynamo or wound spring.


The first inhabitants of Australia, the Pioneer Settlers and more recent migrant influx had one thing in common, they all required the same spirit of adventure, courage and innovative talent that is part of the Australian character today. Hence the predisposition to travel by foot, horse, automobile, boat or airplane and live the nomadic lifestyle under the sun and stars and enjoy the wonders of nature in the outback, the rolling hills, the rivers and streams, the native flora and fauna as well as the harsh elements.

Even our overseas visitors come to capture some of that spirit themselves to satisfy that deep psychological need to reach back to the past when once we were all nomads.


Apart from remote outback situations, the absence of 240V supply can occur in your own backyard, in the roof, under the house, shed or when there is a blackout, or in the case of mobile tradesman when working from vehicles or on un-powered sites.


The 12V products have been developed as a portable alternative to the 240V products used in the home and where 12V power is available either from the vehicle or where a 12V power pack is available.

12V lighting products include halogen spotlights and area lights as well as fluorescent lights.

12V appliances include double adaptors, extension leads, hair dryers, irons, kettles, showers, compressors and even TV s, VCR s and DVD s.

12V power products include batteries, portable power packs, generators, solar panels and rechargeable products with in-built power source.